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About us

an-arketype is a place of order and chaos where the non-rules of art meet the structural and regimented base of design. We’re an independent studio using design as a functional medium that can do more than what it's used for today.

We create for the sake of sharing, loving and educating. There must always be a balance between consumption and contribution. It's vital we produce objects that align with our values, as well as make high quality graphic design available to all. 



Alma Kamal
Founder & Lead Designer

  • Behance

Hamda Al Naimi
Founder & Lead Designer

  • Behance

An award-winning editorial designer with a serious passion for print. I believe that graphic design can be applied to literally everything, but it works best when we use it to spread knowledge, love and compassion.

A graphic designer who desires to contribute positively to the world through design. During my childhood, I used visuals to navigate the complexities of learning in school. Later in life, that background became my philosophy as a designer; one who strives to take the most tangled concepts and present them in the simplest way possible. 

❥ Our studio stands for equality for all, and the right to live free from violence. As such, we do not discriminate based on race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or national origin. 

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