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Hi, we're an-arketype!

( a·naar·kee-type)

We are a San Francisco-based graphic design studio that specializes in creating Adobe InDesign book templates, digital posters, and illustrations. Our aim is to provide non-commercial, high-quality graphic design that is accessible to all. We produce with the intention of generating love and spreading knowledge.

an-arketype is a place of order and chaos where the no-rules of art intersect with the structured and regimented foundation of design. We view design as a functional medium with much more potential than its current utilization suggests.


Alma Kamal

  • Behance

Hamda Al Naimi

  • Behance

An award-winning editorial designer with a serious passion for print. I believe that graphic design can be applied to literally everything, but it works best when we use it to spread knowledge, love and compassion.

A graphic designer who desires to contribute positively to the world through design. During my childhood, I used visuals to navigate the complexities of learning in school. Later in life, that background became my philosophy as a designer; one who strives to take the most tangled concepts and present them in the simplest way possible. 

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